Fancy Face Studio

handmade with love on the seacoast of nh

here's our story + we're sticking to it

Co-Owners of Fancy Face Studio
Partners in creating since childhood, we’ve been dreaming up designs for years. What has always been a love of ours is now a dream come to fruition. Everything that leaves this studio is a piece of our journey deeply rooted in the idea that handmade one of a kind pieces are so much better then anything else!

We owe it all to our mothers; best friends since 4th grade. We we're born into an unofficial family, considering ourselves that since...ever.  In 2014 we launched our business together breaking all the rules, not only are we friends, but "family" as well. Our rebel rule breaking has proven the text books wrong. The main philosophy we keep here in the studio is to create only the best.  Between the two of us our perfectionism has enabled us to create a brand that is not only handmade and whimsical, but based in quality and attention to detail. While each piece will be slightly different then the last, they all carry our name and with that our high standards. 

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